Ten True Things

A list of ten truths for this brand:

1) Leather is a top choice to express creativity. (Faux leather too!)

2) The designer has been told over and over to just CALM DOWN about quality and craftsmanship but has never, never, ever listened.

3) Audio Helkuik customers have proven themselves to be stylish, eclectic, and genuinely some of the coolest people ever.

4) This brand is based in Omaha, NE.  Quite literally in the middle of this confusing country we call America.

5) This brand is queer and trans owned and holds the LGBTQIA+ community in such high respect.

6) A bit of drama is embraced here. Give me mood lighting. Give me a soundtrack. Pile on the accessories! Draw the cateye wings out all the way from coast to coast. I am here for it all!

7) Community over quantity.

8) Here at Audio Helkuik, we believe gender expression is a whole exciting world of opportunity. Be as playful as you want! Be as serious about your gender expression endeavors as you want! Break the rules. Make the rules. What are rules....? 

9) The designer, Audio Helkuik, is educated in fashion design and self-taught in leatherworking.

10) Fashion is fun.

11) I love to overdeliver.