About the brand:   
Designer Audio Helkuik vamps for the camera while bathed in fuchsia light.

Styling an outfit, a really, really good outfit, is like an insatiable treasure hunt. And you might not even know what you’re looking for, but you definitely know it when you find it. You feel it all the way down in your gut. Wearing the treasure is a treat, but the hunt is definitely part of the fun.

You have excellent taste and a natural ability to curate exactly what you want, whether it’s an outfit, or an experience, or let’s be real: an outfit that IS an experience. Audio Helkuik is here to honor your tastes. Audio Helkuik is here to satisfy that hunger to make everything an experience. This brand is dedicated to delivering high-quality custom made goods to allow for a fun, creative, gender-free approach to styling and accessorizing. Your body is uniquely beautiful, so every item here is made-to-order.

Have fun. Play with fashion. This whole world is for you.


About the designer:

Audio Helkuik is the designer behind the brand of the same name. Audio was drawn to the world of fashion once he realized how powerful certain outfits or accessories would make him feel. He could play along the gender spectrum using visual and tactile ideas. He could create whole worlds on a stage. He could empower another through a specially crafted accessory. Fashion has power, and Audio is here to deliver.

Want to fuel the creativity? Buy Audio a coffee to keep him going in the studio!