Pride 2020

My initial response to hearing yesterday's SCOTUS ruling giving LGBTQ+ individuals protection in the workplace was "Hey, we gotta celebrate the small victories!" but this isn't small. This is huge. There's still a lot to fight for regarding LGBTQ+ issues, our country is in the middle of important Black Lives Matter protests, *and* a pandemic is still happening....but this is huge and I will celebrate the win! I've hesitated putting my pride collection up in the shop because there's so many other important things happening, but pride is important too. It's not distracting me from today's fight. I feel pride and I feel rage and I feel grief and I feel joy. I am a complicated pit of emotions and you can be too!

Celebrate this victory. Celebrate any victory. All movement towards progress and away from oppression feels good right now. This month's donation will be joyfully given to Black and Pink Org whose work is focused on black, queer, and HIV+ people living in incarceration. Happy Pride Month from the bottom of my queer, raging heart and as always: BLACK LIVES MATTER! 🌈✊

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