Rewearable Halloween Costume Ideas

Okay, I love seeing people go all out and wear a fabulous new head-to-toe look that’s exactly perfect for their Halloween costume concept. But....sometimes the closet space and/or the budget is tight. I put together some Halloween ideas using pieces that can be part of your costume and also worn year-round. I hope these inspire you to raid your own closet to see what you can come up with or to invest in pieces that work for Halloween and beyond! ♻️


DEVIL ❤️‍🔥😈❤️‍🔥

A collage of all red garments and accessories that create a devil-inspired Halloween costume. 

Devil details:
bonnet: @delights_world
earrings: @shop.sugarstem
necklace: @tattydevine
harness: @audiohelkuik
vest: @angelbysilvia
skirt: @fashionbrandcompany
leotard: @yerwonlondon
sneakers: @vans


 GHOST 💕👻💖

A collection of pink accessories paired with a white bedsheet for a classic ghost costume with a femme twist.

Ghost details:
crown: @audiohelkuik
sunglasses: @pearlsandswine
tights: @welovecolors
socks: @happysocks
shoes: @fluevog
sheet: your bed 🛏️
bracelets: @chofajewelry
bag: @drmartensofficial



A collection of garments and accessories that will portray a creative cosplay of Disney villain Cruella De Vil when styled together.

Cruella De Vil details:
shrug: @sissilydesigns
jumpsuit: @wearewildfang
hat: @shopartesano
harness: @audiohelkuik
earrings: @luxulite
cuffs: @audiohelkuik
gloves: @welovecolors
booties: @irregularchoice



Photo collage of clothings and accessories that would make one look like a lumberjack if styled all together.

Lumberjack details:
harness: @audiohelkuik
shirt: @kirrinfinch
hat: @yokootextileco
jeans: @bigbudpress
socks: @bombas
boots: @palladium



An assortment of black garments and accessories to layer to create a casual black cat costume for Halloween.

Black Cat details:
cat ears: @audiohelkuik
choker: @audiohelkuik
bodysuit: @savagexfenty
dress: @tuesdayofcalifornia
tights: @legavenue
shoes: @drmartensofficial
socks: @hotsoxco
bag: @artifactbags



Collage of clothing and accessories that make the wearer look like a fashionable clown if styled just right.

Clown details:
headband: @fatpompoms
ruff: @talulah_blue
harness: @audiohelkuik
bangles: @luxulite
socks: @vans
shoes: @drmartensofficial
jumpsuit: @lucyandyak
belt: @shopjoytoast
top: @tuesdayofcalifornia



A collection of witchy garments assembled to show a styled look.

Witch details:
harness: @audiohelkuik
fedora: @witchwoodbags
earrings: @whileodinsleeps
bracelet: @barbaracpellegrino
bag: @malachiteleather
broom: your closet
tank: @wearewildfang
skirt: @foxbloodshop
boots: @straighttohellapparel
socks: @footclothesofficial


That's all for this year! Happy Halloween! Happy costume styling!