Year Round Leather: The Flit Harness Edition

I hear a lot of people talking about their plans for buying and wearing harnesses in the summer. I get it.

● Music festivals!

Pride parades!

Beach/bonfire parties!

And just all those other fun, fun suuuuhhhh-huuummmmmmerrrrr niiiiiiiii-hiiiiiiighhhhhhhhts!

There are endless opportunities for harnesses to take center stage in your summery, skin-baring looks. However, I am a huge fan of leather year round, so I did a photoshoot with Rachele showcasing just one harness throughout the entire year.  


This was Rachele's first time modeling for me and I was ecstatic. I try not to let the idea of "visibly queer" guide my life too much bc queers are queer no matter what they look like, how they dress, etc. But sometimes seeing someone who is ~visibly queer~ (whatever that means) is so reassuring and empowering. I asked Rachele to style four looks for each of the four seasons bc they have such a cool personal style. I love all these looks and how my Flit Harness perfectly accents them. 

WINTER ft The Flit Harness

SPRING ft The Flit Harness

SUMMER ft The Flit Harness

AUTUMN ft The Flit Harness

After spending a lovely shoot day with Rachele, I am so happy to have met them, worked creatively with them and now to be showcasing them here on my blog. And I really, really loved this new way of showing one harness throughout a year of seasonal looks. Hooray for new collaborations! Hooray for year round leather!