Queer Love Scenes -- 9x12" original art

  • Two lovers look sweetly at one another. They are both shirtless and wearing jeans with pink hankies in their back pockets.
  • Two lovers look sweetly at one another. They are both shirtless and wearing jeans with pink hankies in their back pockets.
  • Two nude lovers are having an enthusiastic booty-shaking dance party together.
  • A double-tiered yellow frosted wedding cake featuring a cake topper with a happy interracial lesbian couple.
  • One lover only wears the unicorn head of a brony costume while the other lover just wears the bottom half of the costume.
  • Happy lesbian couple cuddles at home on their teal, tufted loveseat. They are joined by their three cats.
  • Market illustration of two gay cosplayers posing together. They are both cosplaying as Deadpool. One is mooning the viewer. The other is flipping off the viewer.
  • Gender-nonconforming icon wears a patterned dress, platform boots, and purple wig while carrying a bag that reads “B-O-Y.”
  • Two femme lovers take part in a photo session accessorized in leather harnesses, lingerie, boas, jewelry, makeup and crowns.
  • Two mermen lovers embrace hands while swimming in a circle underwater. They are content and have heart-shaped areolas.
  • Two nude lovers embrace as one presses a remote control button. One is wearing an ace bandage style chest binder.
  • Two topless lovers ride in a 50’s style car in a pride parade. One is wearing a rainbow cape while a rainbow arcs over them.
  • A kinky threesome plays out a kitty play scene. One lover dominates two others dressed in leather kitty gear and harnesses.
  • Two femme burlesque lovers on stage hide their lower bodies behind plumed fans while kissing. They wear red bejeweled costumes.
  • One lover is down on one knee to offer a bouquet of red roses to their blushing lover. They are both wearing denim and boots.

Queer Love Scenes -- 9x12" original art


Queer Love Scenes: a series of illustrations created by queer artist/designer Audio Helkuik to celebrate the many ways that queers love each other and themselves. 

This series was released one at a time every day in February up until Valentine’s Day to queer up the unnecessarily heteronormative holiday. Fourteen different queer love scenes make up the series.

The different love scenes depict a pride parade, femme on femme love, romance, kink play, transgender identities, cosplay, fantasy, everyday life and more. 

Some illustrations are ink+watercolor on paper and others are marker on paper.

All illustrations are on 9x12” paper and will ship safely in a stiff envelope.

  • Audio Helkuik Sizing Chart

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    Neck 12-13.5" 13.5-15" 15-16.5" 16.5- 18" 18-19.5" 19.5- 21" 21-22.5"
    Upper Chest (high in armpits) 33-37" 37-40" 41-44" 45-48" 49-52" 53-56" 57-60"
    Chest/Bust (fullest part) 32-35" 36-39" 40-43" 44-47" 48-51" 52-55" 56-59"
    Under Chest/bust 29-32" 33-36" 37-40" 41-44" 45-48" 49-52" 53-56"
    Natural Waist 26-29" 30-33" 34-37" 38-41" 42-45" 46-49" 50-53"
    Hipbones 28-31" 32-35" 36-39" 40-43" 44-47" 48-51" 52-55"
    Full Hip 34-37" 38-41" 42-45" 46-49" 50-53" 54-57" 58-61
    Thigh 19.5-21" 21-22.5" 22.5-24" 24-25.5" 25.5-27" 27-28.5" 28.5-30"
    Below Knee 11 - 12.5" 12.5 - 14" 14 - 15.5" 15.5 - 17" 17 - 18.5" 18.5 - 20" 20 - 21.5"
    Wrist 6" 6.5" 7" 7.5" 8" 8.5" 9"
    Hand 7.5" 8.325" 9.25" 10.125" 11" 11.875" 12.75"

    ***custom sizing and extended sizing always offered at no extra charge 

    Hats/Headwear (crowns, head harnesses, etc)

      S L
    Head Circumference 21 - 22.5" 22.5 - 24"

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    Standard Length Suspenders 39 - 42" 43 - 46" 47 - 50" 51 - 54"
    High-Waisted Suspenders 32 - 35" 36 - 39" 40 - 43" 44 - 47"
    ***custom sizing and extended sizing always offered at no extra charge
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