Pride 2020

I've hesitated putting my pride collection up in the shop because there's so many other important things happening, but pride is important too. It's not distracting me from today's fight. I feel pride and I feel rage and I feel grief and I feel joy. I am a complicated pit of emotions and you can be too!  Happy Pride Month from the bottom of my queer, raging heart and as always: BLACK LIVES MATTER! 🌈✊
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This designer deeply believes that all bodies are beautiful. I say all bodies are beautiful knowing that each of us is born so full of unbelievable beauty and power. I started my fashion brand to help people reconnect with their own inner power. Right now, Black bodies are under attack (and have been for generations) so I cannot say “All bodies are beautiful” without also screaming 'BLACK LIVES MATTER!”
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10 Ways to Style the Artifice Harness

I'll admit I haven't been fully styling myself every day while quarantined. And I miss it. While sequestered in my thermal leggings and puffy vests, I decided to stretch my styling muscles by putting together a fun style guide digitally. We are doing everything digitally/virtually these days, so this felt quite natural. #quarantinelife y'all.

I created ten different fully styled head-to-toe looks and all of them incorporate one of my very favorite pieces in the shop: the Artifice Harness

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